Parish Life

Black Catholic History Study Group

The mission is to provide members of the Curé d’Ars Church Community a forum for the review and discussion of past and current events related to the history of Black Catholics in the United States. Meetings are held the second Wednesday of the month from September through May from 10:00AM to 12:00PM in the Parish Center. The goal is to read and discuss books about Black Catholics. If you wish to join this ministry, please contact the parish office.

Deacon Clarence McDavid Library

The library opened in September 2006 to provide an opportunity for parishioners to enjoy books not easily found in public libraries. Topics include Scripture, Social Justice, Catholic Belief, African-American Spirituality, History and Theology, Saints, Vatican II, Christology, Prayer and Spirituality, Liturgy, Women’s Spirituality and more. Books are checked out for 3 weeks; AV tapes, 1 week.

Environment Committee

The Liturgical Environmentalist is that person who, conscious of the liturgical celebration, creates an atmosphere within the worship area that enhances the prayer life of the church community, and is inviting to those who enter the sanctuary to place themselves in the presence of God.

Functions include:  1) how to prepare for Sunday or special occasion Eucharistic celebrations within the parish; 2) the reason for planning; 3) what is encompassed within the scope of the planning; 4) the role of liturgy committee in light of the Sunday or special worship; and 5) the role of the liturgical environmentalists.

The committee may accept items (such as statues, vases, hanging sacred pictures and other items) if they are fitting to the environment plans.  The committee, at all times must be prepared for making the church presentable for the celebration of the Eucharist. A complete training is given to those who wish to volunteer in serving on the Church Environmentalist committee

If you wish to join this ministry, please contact the parish office.

Evangelization Committee

The Evangelization Committee’s mission is “to reach out to the community by bringing the Word of God in the manner of Jesus.” The committee strives to get to know all current members, to reach out to sick, homebound, and incarcerated members, to contact and welcome back inactive members, to welcome new members and to “walk with” persons interested in the Catholic faith. Activities include calling the sick and inactive members, sending cards to parishioners who are ill or who have suffered the loss of a loved one, welcoming new members, and distributing baskets to the home bound at Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. If you wish to join this ministry, please contact the parish office.

Gardening Committee

The mission is to plant and to maintain Water-Smart Gardening for the three properties of the Curé d’Ars Catholic community. Ceramic containers, waist high beds, and on-the-ground beds that exhibit beautiful varieties of plants, ornamental grasses and spiraled evergreen yews are used. A mixture of annuals and perennials are chosen yearly. All who are interested in the beauty and maintenance of our properties are welcome to give one day a week or to adopt a bed of your choice. There is active involvement with soil preparation, planting, watering and weeding during the growing season. Because of the current seasonal changes in the climate, a year-round watering routine is being developed. If you wish to join this ministry, please contact the parish office.

Julia Greeley

Julia Greeley has been called Denver’s “Angel of Mercy” and a model for the faithful in northern Colorado. In December of 2016, Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila petitioned the opening of a cause for Greeley’s canonization. As official steps of that process have begun, learn more about this extraordinary woman.

Knights of Peter Claver, Ladies Auxiliary, Junior Knights & Junior Daughters

We are a fraternal organization of Roman Catholic men, women, and youth dedicated to serving our God, our Church, our communities and Our Noble Order.

Knights of Peter Claver, Ladies Auxiliary, Junior Knights and Junior Daughters are a Catholic lay organization with national headquarters in New Orleans. This spiritual and social organization has among its objectives to be supporters of the church, to promote civic improvements, to encourage participation in the church, to award scholarships, to develop youth, to provide social and intellectual fellowships for its members, etc.

  • Members receive spiritual and social benefits from participation in the organization. Activities include: Uniformed participation in religious ceremonies as well as educational, recreational and athletic nature events, such as dances, picnics, banquets, athletic events, workshops, fund-raising projects and other activities.
  • Members also get to improve their knowledge of the organization by participation in the State, District, and National Meetings which offer opportunities of fraternity, cultural improvement, and broadening local and national acquaintance with fellow Catholics.

If you wish to join this organization, please contact the parish office.

Stewardship Committee

Curé d’Ars Parish has embarked on a journey of stewardship as a way of life.  This life begins in an attitude of gratitude and branches out to include every aspect: family, church and community. The Stewardship Committee assists the ministries to live out the mission of the parish by enhancing communication and collaboration.  Components of the journey of stewardship include: prayer, faith, time and talent, treasure, and vocation.