Fr. Joseph

Fr. Joseph Cao

Parish Pastor

Dcn. Clarence McDavid

Parish Deacon

0205181625 (1)

Donna Vicars

Office Manager


Minnie Cassell

Office Assistant

Jeanette White

Director of Religious Education


Seneca Holmes

Youth Minister

Seneca Holmes is a lifelong member of Cure d’ Ars Church. He has served on the Parish Council, as well as being an Usher and Lector during the mass. Seneca has been a Wellness/Fitness & Health teacher in the Cherry Creek School District for 20 years. He has also coached Football and Track at the high school level. Seneca has been the Director of Youth Ministry at Cure d’ Ars Church for the past 4 years. He is married and has 3 sons. If you have a son or daughter in grades 8 – 12, please contact Seneca for more information about the Youth Ministry Program.

Email: curedarsyouth2020@gmail.com

Phone: 720-231-3267

Dierdre Grayson

Director of Religious Education

Barbara Tollette

Director of Religious Education

Amy Golden


Dynell Hilton

Music Director


Dan Rief  (volunteer IT Director)

Mary Huwa

Minnie Cassell

Pam Brooks